Jet engine open and ready for maintenance inside hangar.


Nelson Numeric places a high priority on continuous improvement. By listening closely to each customer request, strategic moves have been made to emphasize and claim a more robust capability-set.

Well-developed and highly-recognized listening skills.

The ability and desire to be in constant communication with customers.

Current and practiced quality initiatives and achieved industry certificates.

Modern, clean and well-planned facility; expansion-ready, if needed.

A management team with years of solid, hands-on experience.

In-house, professional quality and manufacturing engineers.

Current, well-maintained, high-end equipment, operated by the best professional manufacturing personnel.

A dedicated and well-staffed inspection department with the latest in inspection/testing metrology.

A company-wide culture dedicated to performing best-practices and consistently striving toward a universal 100% on-time delivery rate.

Providing on-site programs for customer inventory and part management.

Continuous Improvement Programs that are utilized and measured. Customer-focused dedication utilizing strategic methodologies to meet quality pricing and budget demands.

Fair, up-front, thoroughly discussed and understood business practices, leaving every customer valuing our business relationship.